Restoration and Reproduction
th1 Original
th2 Finished - digitally enhanced composite


Remove People Original
People Removed Finished - digitally enhanced restoration

Would you like to add someone, remove someone, change the background, or remove an item (a persons arm, or shadow or other distraction) from your valuable old photograph? Is the photograph too dark or faded so you can hardly see the details?

Most photographs will require between 15 minutes to 1 hour to manipulate the photograph depending on how detail you want added or removed.

What will it cost me?
  • Order Processing Fee of $9.99 (includes placing your original and finished images on CD-R disc for future orders). Required on all orders.
  • Colorize Photograph $25 per hour with a $7.50 minimum charge, plus the cost of prints.
  • Prints - Click on the Prints tab for prices.
  • Shipping - Click on the Shipping tab.

All work is done on a digital photographic image, not on your original photograph, negative or slide.

Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money refunded, less shipping.

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