Restoration and Reproduction

What We Do When We Get Your Photographs
Slides And/Or Negatives

After receipt of your photographs, slides and/or negatives an estimate will be issued within one (1) business day via email before any work commences. All prices quoted in estimate will be honored unless changes are made by the customer as to what was to be done.

After receiving your approval to commence, we will make a digital image of your photographs, slides and/or negatives so that all work is done on a digital photographic image. There is no work done on your original photograph, slide and/or negative, so it isn't damaged or altered in any way.

A preview photo can be emailed (can respond the same day so little or no delay) or a polaroid proof mailed to you (causes delay waiting for postal delivery) for your approval prior to final printing at your request.

You will be notified when the work is finished via email and informed as to the cost due, including shipping and all prints ordered. Simply go to PayPay (Payment tab) and make your payment and your order will be shipped in one (1) working day.

I will return your originals along with the prints via whatever delivery system you choose in your estimate, from the options listed above. I will email you with the tracking numbers as soon as it's shipped so you can check on the delivery date and track your package.

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